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Grow your home service business and reach more clients by creating a Facebook business page. It's free, easy to manage, and a powerful marketing tool!

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Every beginner business owner asks himself the same question: How can I obtain more clients faster? Marketing your business the right way is the key to achieving that goal, and in this article, we will explore one of the most useful tools to get you there - a Facebook business page.

Whether you are an avid Facebook user or somewhat unfamiliar with it, don't be intimidated. Before we dive into the step-by-step, you need to be convinced that it is worth it to invest some of your time creating and managing a Facebook business page to help you grow your business. Here are some of the reasons why we love it and think it's a great idea: it is free to create and maintain, it allows you to display a portfolio of your work through pictures, it allows your clients to leave great reviews that will attract other clients, and it has the potential to reach many more potential clients than traditional marketing methods (door-to-door, cold calling, direct mailing).

We are not suggesting you should not use traditional marketing tools (especially if you already use one that works great for you). Instead, we believe that a Facebook business page can also help you grow as an additional marketing strategy. Besides, it's very easy to use and you have it at the tip of your fingers. Are you convinced yet? Let's get practical and learn the step-by-step of building your home service business Facebook page. By the end of this article, we hope that you have it up, running, and ready to make your business soar.

Step 1 - Login and Create Page

First, you will want to log in to your personal Facebook account from your desktop and go to your news feed. From there, you will see a plus sign button next to your picture on the right-hand corner of the page. It's called the create button. Click on it and select create a page. You will begin by filling out three important pieces of information about your home service business: your page name - which will be your business name, the business category - you can pick up to three, and a description. This last item is very important, as it informs your visitors what your business is all about in just 255 characters. Be creative, welcoming, and objective in your description.

Step 2 - Add Good Pictures

Please note that we said good pictures. The quality of your pictures here in this step is very important. Visitors easily lose interest and leave before they read any of the content on pages with poor quality pictures or no pictures. It's the same idea as going to a restaurant and eating with your eyes before you actually taste your meal. If it's not visually appealing, you won't want it.

The first picture you will be prompted to add is your profile picture. This can be your business logo. Don't have a business logo yet? This article gives you some ideas of how to create one for free or paying very little. The next picture you will upload is your cover page. Here you can use a general picture of what your business is about or another graphic with your company's name. You can even use a good-quality picture of your best work. Canva gives you some awesome template designs for Facebook covers where you can just change the image or text.

Step 3 - Include Your Contact Information

The next steps are super important because they will tell your potential customers how to reach you. Now you will be prompted to add your phone number and any other contact information to your page. If you don't have one yet, make sure you create a separate business email account. It's a simple step that will make your business look more professional compared to using your personal email account. You're free to use any email provider, but Gmail will probably be your best choice due to all its features.

If you already have a business website, there will be a field for you to include it. If you don't have one yet, consider creating one. It will make your customers think you are very professional. With the Bizbox app, you can create a simple lead page for your business to share with your customers anytime and post to your social media channels.

After adding your contact information, you will have the chance to include other additional information, such as location, service area, service hours, price range, link to other social media accounts, and so on. These are optional and you can omit them or not based on what applies to your business. Pay special attention to the service area section. As a home service business, growing locally is probably one of your goals. Make sure you fill out this section to include up to 10 neighborhoods around you where you want to offer your services.

Step 4 - Personalize your Business Page

After all the initial information is entered, you can always go back to edit it. Look for the manage page menu on the left. There, you will be able to edit the information you already have, change the settings, and so on.

The next time you log in to your business page, as an administrator, you will see a section called set your page for success. It's a good idea to look at the suggestions there to see how complete your business page looks, and important items you might be missing.

Step 5 - Write a Welcoming Post

At the set your page for success section we just mentioned above, Facebook will prompt you to write a welcoming post to your audience. Spend some time on this step to create a warm and welcoming first post. Write from your heart, tell your story, briefly explain what your business does, welcome your new members, and ask them to share your page with their friends and family.

Like an introduction, make sure you create a great first impression! Since you don't have much content on your page yet, this post can help you impress your current and future clients so the next time they see you posted something new, they will likely click on it and visit your page again.

Step 6 - Invite people to like your page

Social media is all about networking. If you just create your page but don't tell anyone it's there, you're not likely to get visitors or reach potential clients. Begin with inviting family members and friends to like your business page. Tell them it would help you a lot if they shared your page with others, inviting them to like it too. You will be surprised by how effective this can be.

If you already are a member of local Facebook groups, the next time you post there advertising your business, link your Facebook business page and invite others to visit it and like it. These local neighborhood groups often have many active users, and advertising your page there is like placing a billboard in a busy road for the cars passing by.

Step 7 - Begin posting content to your page, and post consistently

Now that you welcomed the new members to your business page, it's time to keep them coming back for more. Posting new content frequently allows you to achieve that. Keep your posts simple, but relevant to your goal, which is attracting more customers.

For example, before and after pictures of your jobs are a great way to show quality and excellence. Make sure you always get your customers' permission before posting any pictures of their houses. If you are just starting and don't have any customers yet, you can use your own house as a model, or even offer your services to family and friends at a lower rate in exchange for a review and some before and after pictures.

Another idea is to post pictures and videos of you at work. Whether you clean, paint, build, remodel, or organize, take advantage of any opportunity to snap a picture or a short video of you working. Not only it makes for interesting content, but it will also make your business page more personable, showing actual people instead of just logos or graphics. If you want to go the extra mile, make sure you are wearing a uniform with your company's logo when you are featured in a picture. Along with the company's graphics, uniforms are also an indicator of a serious business. These small details can speak volumes to customers who are searching for a service provider and need to make a decision just by browsing the internet.

If you have a business website (or if you eventually launch one), you can create a post sharing a link to it, directing customers to learn more about your business there. Even though you already linked your website to your Facebook business page permanently in your contacts, you can still generate content to the page by talking about your website when it gets a new feature, a new design, or when you have exclusive content there.

Finally, make time to keep posting to your business page constantly. As you get busier with work, you will also have more content to talk about and show your customers. Take advantage of it! You don't need to over post to make your page relevant. Instead, focus on the quality of your posts to engage your audience. Begin small, posting once a week, and as you get more comfortable, post more often. The ideas will keep coming, just be purposeful to set aside time to continue working on your page. Soon you will eventually see a return of all the time invested in your Facebook business page.

Consistency is key when you want to enjoy all the benefits of having a Facebook business account. Always keep adding content to your page. It is a powerful marketing tool, it is free, and it enables you to reach way more people than one-to-one marketing would ever do.

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